FULL NAME: Alexander Marcus
NICKNAME(S): Admiral Marcus
AGE: Fifty-Seven
HOMETOWN: Shoyo, Arkansas
CHOSEN TRACK: Admiralty | No Track
FACE CLAIM: Peter Weller (FC swap negotiable)

BIO: Alexander Marcus does not believe in peace. In his mind, peace simply cannot exist. Every man, every politician, every species has one goal in mind, and that is to conquer those lesser than themselves. Alexander Marcus believes that peace cannot exist in this world or in this universe, not for extended periods of time. He does not believe that Earth or the Federation can continue to progress forward in its current state, believing that they are ripe for conquest and assimilation by some hostile alien race, more than likely the Klingons. It is for this reason that Marcus is a strong proponent of militarizing Starfleet and conquering those that threaten to conquer them, so that Earth can stay on top. Although these goals are not known to anyone outside of Starfleet’s upper echelons, they are quickly becoming a reality behind closed doors. If Admiral Marcus continues to get his way, the entire universe will be shocked by the changes they see in Starfleet in the coming years.

Marcus, outside of his goals of “protecting the Earth” has almost no social life. He is constantly busy attending meetings or formal events, and he has no friends and barely any family members that keep in contact with him. He is hellbent on making sure that his daughter, Carol, stays out of trouble and keeps where he can watch over her. Marcus commonly hangs around Starfleet Academy, getting progress reports about his daughter from her instructors. He also secretly watches the future generation of Starfleet officers, determining which ones will need to be discharged once his plan to militarize the organization comes to fruition.

Admiral Alexander Marcus is OPEN.

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