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FULL NAME: Adrianna Alicia Rivers
AGE: Twenty-three
HOMETOWN: London, England
FACE CLAIM: Emma Watson


From the start, Adrianna didn’t stand a chance. Her family started out broken. Her mother Ally died after the harsh trial of childbirth, leaving her alone with Peter, her father. Peter blamed his only child for the death of his wife, treating her with nothing more than repulsive disdain. The drink that he turned to, hoping to help ease his wife’s passing, changed him past no return. By the time Adrianna was seven, she became familiar with the intimacy of her father’s bed. He used her body for his own pleasures several times, making that intimacy grow in disgusting amounts. Adrianna forced herself to push the memories and feelings down, unable to take it.

Peter kept her under house arrest, refusing to let her go out into the world. Almost every day, for work and for pleasure, Peter walked the streets of London to his content. When Adrianna was eight, she found a way to sneak out of the house without getting caught. Those same streets and alleyways weren’t friendly to the young girl. A boy named Micheal Pierce, who would later become her best friend, saved her from a fight that she was trying her best to lose. He looked out for her, protected her. Whenever Adrianna was able to sneak out during the week, they’d meet up. He taught her the rules of the streets. He taught her how to read and write, because Peter had seen no reason to educate what he thought was a worthless offspring. At each meeting, he taught her what he had learned at school that day, slowly learning that Adrianna was fantastically smart. But the fighting was her favorite part. Micheal trained her in everything that he knew, and she was a dedicated learner. Soon, by her constant practice to the many subjects in street fighting – such as hand-to-hand, combined martial arts, knife-fighting, she surpassed her teacher with her skill.

She was teased more than once during her teenage years because of her adventurous personality, or the haircut that she found herself fond of. She keeps it cropped short because otherwise she thinks it gets in her way. On her sixteenth birthday, her father died from an overdose. Michael insisted on having Adrianna live with him and his grandmother Rose, where she resided until her acceptance into Starfleet.

Adrianna is first and foremost loyal. She sticks to the few friends that she has made, constantly looking out for them and being ready to jump to their defense. One of her personal morals is constant; you hurt the ones that I love and I will break you. She knows how to do it and she isn’t afraid to. She is wicked smart. If she wanted, she could easily graduate from the Science or Engineering tracks, but Command is her preferred track. Adrianna has a passion for training and sparring, something that she genuinely enjoys, often times that will be how she spends her free hours. She tries to come across as a friendly person, she’s made enough enemies in her time that she doesn’t wish to create more. But if you make her angry, you will regret it. Her walls are high. She has been the butt of rejection, and dishonesty time and time again that she has become used to it. She has no desire to feel it again, therefore she is edgy when it comes to trusting people. Her hardships in life have made her who she is now. She knows that, and wouldn’t change the events of her life because of that fact. It had made her stronger, made her be able to know how to carry on through difficult situations. There’s a secret side of Adrianna, one that longs for love and affection but she thinks she is perfectly capable of refusing to let herself get distracted by such dreams until she succeeds in her goal of being a first officer and then working her way up to her ultimate dream of being initiated into the role of captain.

  • Studies constantly, although she will take a night off if someone is willing to convince her.
  • Trying to see if she can create something dance related on campus.
  • Is open to getting a roommate
  • She wouldn’t dream of letting her hair grow long.

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